Hampton Lakes Security Documents

Below you can find various files and documents relating to Hampton Lakes Security meetings and Neighbourhood Watch notes.

Hampton Lakes is currently patrolled by officers provided by Palm Security

If you experience a security issue or see a crime in progress contact Palm Security on 877-824-4025 Ext 1 They will despatch a guard or if they don't have an officer readily available, will call the sheriff to deal with the incident.

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Date 27th July 2016

The Board is pleased to announce to homeowners in the community that the much awaited CCTV installation is now complete.

High definition cameras have been installed at the Community Area with 24hr recorded surveillance Additionally, vehicle license tag and driver recognition cameras have also been installed at the Guardhouse located at the main entrance.

The completion of the installation is a seen as a major step by the HOA to improve security in our community and deter acts of mindless vandalism against the facilities provided.

While signs create awareness to the CCTV cameras, this notice serves as official notification to homeowners of the new security measures and that they will be prosecuted by the HOA if caught on camera in violation of HOA rules and or Florida State or National laws. It is the homeowners responsibility to make their guests or longer term renters aware of the increased security measures and the fact that they, and the homeowner could be prosecuted by the HOA if they are caught on camera in violation of community rules or causing vandalism.

The HOA takes vandalism and antisocial behaviour very seriously and it is unfortunate that it has become necessary to implement such measures.

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