Homeowner Guidance Information

Hampton Lakes of Davenport H.O.A. Inc. is a Not for Profit Florida Corporation. The operation of the Corporation is governed by it's Documents and Florida Statutes 617 and 720.

Each lot owner/s has/have One Share enabling them to vote, usually once/annum, at the A.G.M. to elect the requisite number of new Members of the Board to vacant Directorships. This system was devised to provide overlap and continuity. The Board of 7 Directors, quorate at 4, is empowered and required to be the sole executive authority of the Corporation. We are a 'business' and subject to an annual audit.

The Board may also appoint a Management Company to assist in the day to day operations of the H.O.A. The Management Company has no representation on the Board, has no vote on any Board decision and is answerable to the owners through the Board. However, we believe that the Management Company should and can make decisions without recourse to the Board in times of emergency e.g. damage to the estate as a result of a hurricane.

If an owner wishes to challenge or question decisions there are specific provisions in the Documents. It is called Mediation, Arbitration and finally Adjudication in a Court of Law. Decisions of the Board should and do benefit as many of the owners as possible. Unfortunately, from time to time there may be occasions when we have to make decisions that appear contrary to the interests of the majority and instant decisions that have time conscious implications are sometimes necessary.

President - Jay Bowman

Email: jbowman44@yahoo.com

Vice President – Mary Schnuerer

Secretary – Dave Bevan

Email: 143kellygreen@gmail.com

Email: Nana5993@aol.com

Treasurer – Kevin Cobb
Email: carefreeblue@hotmail.co.uk

Director – Andy Lambe

Email:  lambe.andy@gmail.com

Director – Richard Prior

Email: ripbodger@gmail.com

Director – Vincent Nicotra

Email: Vincent.Nicotra@sanofi.com

The H.O.A Board meets via Conference a call at least once per month and any homeowner can listen into the discussions. An agenda is published and posted on the notice board by the communal pool at Hampton Lakes at least 48 hour prior to each meeting.

The Board meetings are scheduled - 3rd Wednesday each month.
The time schedule is:  2pm Florida time / 7pm UK time.
For any homeowner wanting to listen into the board meeting;

  1. Dial Telephone: 641-715-3296(prefix 001 if you're in the UK)
  2. When prompted enter the access code 352269 followed by the # key.
  3. Please announce your name upon connection in order to be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

The HOA management company at Hampton Lakes is Leland Management. Contact details are set out below.

Leland Management
6972 Lake Gloria Blvd
Orlando. 32809-3200
www.lelandmanagement.com (opens a new window)

Hampton Lakes Community Manager - Ayesha Antoine
Email: aantoine@lelandmanagement.com
Tel: 407-982-3959 Fax 407-982-3945

Billing & Assessments
(407) 781-1188
Email: Assessments@lelandmanagement.com

Best Practice:-
In the past most enquiries have come direct to a Member of the Board either via a personal email or by some other means. In the main most questions get answered, however, on occasions a question or comment will be missed due to the fact that all of the members of the Board are volunteers and as such have other commitments and priority falls outside of the HOA. We will do our best to deal with each enquiry. Having discussed the best practice with all Directors and with Leland Management we encourage any owner with a specific day to day problem falling within the responsibilities of the H.O.A. should follow these basic steps in the first instance;

  1. Make the Management Company your first port of call by contacting them via telephone or email,
  2. As a secondary measure, contact HOA Communications
  3. The Management Company and/or HOA Communications should respond promptly
  4. Heartfelt appeals to a Director/s are a final recourse.

The Management Company must advise the Board and provide up to date information e.g. Monthly Financial Report, to assist in the making decisions. Under current legislation it is the Board's mandate to take those decisions, owners having no part in the day-to-day operations of the H.O.A. (We do however welcome constructive suggestions).

Leland Management has a dedicated Resident Advisor (RA) who’s sole responsibility is to assist residents with any questions they may have relating to our community The RA or HOA Communications are the ones that can either answer the question or escalate it to the appropriate department or person. If they need to pass the query on they will do so and advise you accordingly as to who will respond to you The best way to contact a RA is via the details below:
Leland Management contact information:

  • PHONE: 407-781-0782
  • FAX: 407-447-9899.
The President of the HOA can be contacted by email here Jay Bowman

The schedule for payment of HOA Dues is set out below:

1st January
1st April
1st July
1st October

As a homeowner you will be classified as “in arrears” if your payment is not submitted within 28 days of the due date. A financial penalty could be incurred by those allowing their account to fall into arrears. Legal action will be taken to recover dues from anyone who falls into long term arrears.

There are a number of ways in which you can pay your H.O.A Fees/Dues.

  1. Direct Debit
  2. Check
  3. Credit card.
  4. Online payment

Because of the complexities associated with the different payment methods, the simplest way to set up your preferred method of payment and avoid falling into arrears is to contact Assessments via telephone or email.

Contact details for paying HOA Dues
tel: 407-781-1188

Alternatively contact Ayesha Antoine on the following;
Tel: 407-982-3959

If you intend making any alterations/additions to the structure or external appearance of your property it is safest and best to submit an ARB application to the Architectural Review Board. Such changes would include installation of a privacy fence, changing exterior color of the property etc.

The DCCRs were written to set a Community-Wide Standard and maintain a consistency within the estate. Therefore any and all alterations in theory require approval.

The ARC Committee generally sits every two weeks but obviously this is dependent upon applications being submitted.
If you’re in doubt as to whether you need approval or not, submit an application. Each one is considered impartially, without opinion, according to the rules as laid down in the Documents of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCRs).

Filing an A.R.B Application?

You can file an application for A.R.B using the following link:

ARB Application Form

Please print this off, fill it in, add any and all additional information that will make clear what you are planning to do. Information, Diagrams, Surveys, Manufactures specifications all help to speed up the process. Submit the application and information by email to: arb@lelandmanagement.com or mail/post it to the address on the application form.

Please allow at least 1 (one) month for a reply to your application. However, in all probability, your application will be dealt with within 14 days from its receipt by the ARB committee.

Community Landscaping & Irrigation Contractors
Down to Earth Landscaping & Irrigation Contractors
PO Box 738
FL 32777
For all issues surrounding Landscaping or Irrigation, including broken and malfunctioning sprinkler jets should contact hamptonlakes@down2earthinc.com Down to Earth and the HOA Landscaping Committee can only deal with problems promptly if they are reported through the recognised route which has been created to establish a work tracking process.


At the Security Committee meeting held on 14th February 2017 members expressed frustration at the number of properties where vehicles continue to park on the grass, in some cases it was almost daily, despite previous notifications from the HOA that it is in breach of HOA Rules and

damages the community irrigation system and the landscaping.

The HOA and the contracted landscapers are often criticised for the condition of some areas of grass in the community without complainants taking full consideration on the possible causes. Consequently, a new approach is to be adopted towards dealing with those who contribute to the problem.

To address the issue. the Board of Directors approved at their meeting on the 15th February 2017 the following policy against property owners where parking on the grass is a regular occurrence.

A new policy on parking violations will now commence.

  • Community Security officers will commence placing violation stickers on any vehicle parked on grass and document the details for the HOA.
  • Owners of properties identified as having tenants or guests or other visitors who continue to park on the grass after being issued with stickers should expect to receive a Violation Notice leading to possible Fining by the HOA Violations Committee.
  • Additionally, owners may be charged repair costs for any damage caused to the irrigation system and replacement of dead grass because of inconsiderate parking at their property.
  • Under the wording of our docs, ALL property owners are legally responsible for the actions of those staying at, renting, managing or visiting their property.
  • Owners need to be aware that any unpaid fines and administration costs could lead to a lien being taken on the property.

In applying this new enforcement policy, the HOA advises all homeowners to:

  1. all long term tenants, guests and visitors to your property should be notified that parking on the grass is a violation of HOA rules
  2. Owners should display some form of notice in your property as a reminder to guests and tenants they MUST NEVER park on the grass
  3. insert a clause in your rental agreement that you will hold them liable for any parking fines issued against you by the HOA during their rental period
  4. ensure your management company is also fully aware of this new policy on parking and takes steps to protect you as the owner.

Where there are spatial issues for parking in the garage or on the driveway, those parking in the street needs to ensure they are not causing an obstruction or restricted access for public service or emergency vehicles. Also, be aware that if your mailbox is continually obstructed by a vehicle, the postal service will not deliver your mail.

Hampton Lakes provides homeowners with a Community Newsletter that is published every 3 months. Each edition provides updates on a variety of topics including;

  1. Community updates
  2. Helpful tips
  3. Property market report
  4. Local crime report
  5. Key contact numbers

The publication schedule is Jan, Apr, July and Oct. If your not yet receiving your copy just send an email to Dave Bevan 143kellygreen@gmail.com and you will receive the latest edition and your email will be added to the distribution list for all future issues.

Hampton Lakes Facebook page is proving very popular among homeowners and has certainly improved community communication among individual homeowners. However, the Facebook page is not a recognised site for posting complaints about services or other community matters. If complaints or concerns are genuine, homeowners should report the problem to the Community Manager at Leland Management and HOA President who can then authorize appropriate steps to deal with any issues.

If you’re not already logged into the HL Facebook page check it out, make a friends request and get accepted. You can then share views, topics and comments with others in our community.

Hampton Lakes Facebook Page is proving very popular among homeowners

The Hamptonlakes.org website has a Homeowner Directory which hopefully contains details of your main Residential Address and contact details.

Because of concerns about privacy and security, the details we hold are not available for viewing . The directory is only used for admin purposes within the HOA.

If you have;

  • moved to a new residence recently
  • changed your telephone numbers
  • changed your email address

Please let us know by email to the Board Secretary so we can amend our records

Perhaps you just want to ensure we have your correct mailing address? Likewise, send an email to the Board Secretary and the details we have will be confirmed for you and updated where necessary.

Ensuring the HOA has your correct and most up-to-date contact detail is the most effective way to ensure you receive all information and notices sent out by the HOA Board to its members.

Alternatively, if you sell your Hampton Lakes home please inform us so we can remove you from our list.

There is an abridged version of the homeowners directory available for homeowners to view, this does not contain any contact details, unless the owner has expressed their wish to do so. If you wish to add your contact details feel free to contact us.

If you don’t help the HOA to keep the directory information up to date then the HOA cannot support you in a truly professional and effective manner.

Security Patrol guards in Hampton Lakes are provided by Palm Security. You are encouraged to engage with the guards during their daily patrols and inform them of any concerns you may have.

If you experience a security issue or see a crime in progress contact Palm Security on 877-824-4025 Ext 1 They will despatch a guard or if they don't have an officer readily available, will call the sheriff to deal with the incident.

Homeowners need to be aware that the guards have authority to enforce basic HOA rules.
For example anyone parking on the grass or leaving trash at the kerbside will be approached and requested to address the matter correctly. A report and the address will be sent to the community manager

Problems associated with any patrol guard should be reported to the chair of the HOA Security Committee by email to 143kellygreen@gmail.com so they can be properly investigated.

Firstly, do not attempt to resolve any amplified noise or public nuisance problem by yourself. The correct way forward is to contact the local Polk County Sherriff’s department

If it’s serious DIAL 911 For additional assistance the Polk County Sheriff’s Office can be reached on (863) 298-6200 or Toll free on 1-800-226-0344

Report the problem and ask for an incident report number and a copy of the incident report from the Sheriff's Department (the reporting home owner will always get one if requested). Then you should pass this onto to our Resident Adviser at Leland Management.

ANSWER:- Firstly, do not attempt to resolve the problem by yourself. The correct way forward is to contact the local Polk County Sherriff’s department on 1- 863 533 0344 or 1 800 226 0344 and report the problem. Please also ask for an incident report number and ask for a copy of the incident report from the Sheriff's Department (the home owner will always get one if requested).

If its a serious disturbance DIAL 911 and the sheriff will respond. Alternatively, contact USS Agency on 321-304-2430 who will despatch a guard

Hampton Lakes is a dog friendly community but the HOA has strict rules governing dogs for the protection of children and public health.

  • ALL dogs MUST be on a leash at all times when walking in the community.
  • ALL dog owners MUST clean up after their dog.
  • Dogs must not be locked outside under the lanai when the homeowner / renter is away from the property

ALL homeowners and/or renters in Hampton Lakes who have dogs must comply with HOA rules on dogs – no excuses.

Signs highlighting for pet owners our rules on dogs have been installed.

The fact that as a county, Polk does not have a leash law does not invalidate the HOA laws on dogs. If you want your dog to run off leash simply take it to an area outside the community. Those wanting to exercise their dog off leash can do so outside the community. Tank Road provides space and relative safety for dogs running off leash.

Anyone observed by the Private Security guard not cleaning up after their pet can now expect to receive a violation notice linked to the property in which they live. Homeowners have full responsibility for ensuring their guests or longer tenants are aware of the need to clan up after their pets. Failure to do so will result on a financial penalty being imposed on the owner of the property by the HOA

Hampton Lakes HOA has a "No Fishing" policy at the lakes situated within the community

Signs have been erected to serve as a reminder of this rule.

What might seem like a harmless leisurely past-time could create a huge cost for the HOA.

Each lake is a retention pond created by the installation of a polythene membrane to retain water. If a fishing hook were to snag the membrane and cause the slightest tear then the water level could not be maintained and installation of a new liner would be required creating a huge cost for the Hampton Lakes HOA and you as the homeowners.

Homeowners are therefore requested to politely remind anyone seen fishing of the HOA’s "No Fishing Rule" and the implications of their activity

Trash collection at Hampton Lakes takes place once a week, early on a THURSDAY morning.

Polk County Trash service has a recycle policy which you are required to support as much as possible.

The large trash carts are for landfill trash only. Any plastic sacks placed alongside trash carts will not be removed.

Yellow boxes are used for the recycling of plastic bottles, glass, drink cans and cardboard. All cardboard must be flat folded and placed in the plastic boxes or in a single cardboard box nearby.

Trash carts and recycling boxes should not be placed kerbside at any other time except PM Wednesday or by 7am each Thursday morning. Placing carts and boxes at the kerbside at any other time encourages vultures to scavenge which leads to trash being scattered everywhere.

Hampton Lakes provides a service where all carts parked outside the properties are checked each Wednesday afternoon and those containing trash will be placed at the kerbside by our representative

If you put your cart at the kerb-side follow the 3ft rule to assist the automated collection.

EXCESS TRASH For homes that frequently generate excess trash, particularly the larger homes, all homeowners should note that anyone can order an additional cart or carts free of charge from Polk County trash services. Additional carts prevent overfilling and untidiness in the community.

To request extra carts or order some additional recycling boxes call 863-284-4319, just give them your property address and they will be delivered to the property within two weeks. Its that simple.

For homeowners conducting home improvements etc. if you have excess trash including large and bulky items for disposal please call; 863-665-1489 or 888-445-5045 to arrange a special pick-up. There is no charge for this service and it keeps the community tidy

Maintaining a clean and tidy community is everyone’s responsibility.

If you observe a street-light or lights not working within the community please note the number on the lamp-post and contact the following:
Ayesha Antoine
email: aantoine@lelandmanagement.com
Tel: 407-982-3959
Fax: 407-982-3945

Hampton Lakes HOA provides and maintains a communal area for the benefit of the homeowners and or their guests. The following communal facilities are located near the Circle on McFee Drive.

  1. A communal pool
  2. Floodlit tennis courts
  3. Vollyball court
  4. Picnic area
  5. Ladies & Gents restrooms in the Pool Cabana

The security code for the restrooms is 1776

It has occasionally been reported that youths from other communities are using these facilities and vandalism has sometimes taken place. Consequently discretion is required on who you pass the security code to.

Anyone witnessing any blatant vandalism at the community area or anywhere else on Hampton Lakes should report it to the security guard on site or contact USS Agency. For all serious crime DIAL 911 and the sheriff will respond

New time activated locks have been installed at the Community washrooms.

To access the facilities use the code 1453#

Security cameras record images of everyone entering and leaving the facilities. They are also frequently inspected by the security guard.

Homeowners are responsible for providing the code to their guests or tenants.

Please do not post the code on any social media sites in response to a requests by any individuals. Remember, the washrooms are private facilities, not public facilities. On that basis the HOA requests your assistance ensuring only people associated with our community have use of these facilities

Please report any problems by email to 143kellygreen@gmail.com

Weather at Hampton Lakes

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