HOA Governing Documents

Community Rules

Hampton Lakes is a dog friendly community but the HOA has strict rules governing dogs for the protection of children and public health.

  • ALL dogs MUST be on a leash at all times when walking in the community.
  • ALL dog owners MUST clean up after their dog.
  • Dogs must not be locked outside under the lanai when the homeowner / renter is away from the property

ALL homeowners and/or renters in Hampton Lakes who have dogs must comply with HOA rules on dogs – no excuses.

Signs highlighting for pet owners our rules on dogs have been installed.

The fact that as a county, Polk does not have a leash law does not invalidate the HOA laws on dogs. If you want your dog to run off leash simply take it to an area outside the community. Those wanting to exercise their dog off leash can do so outside the community. Tank Road provides space and relative safety for dogs running off leash.

Anyone observed by the Private Security guard not cleaning up after their pet can now expect to receive a violation notice linked to the property in which they live. Homeowners have full responsibility for ensuring their guests or longer tenants are aware of the need to clan up after their pets. Failure to do so will result on a financial penalty being imposed on the owner of the property by the HOA

Hampton Lakes HOA has a "No Fishing" policy at the lakes situated within the community

Signs have been erected to serve as a reminder of this rule.

What might seem like a harmless leisurely past-time could create a huge cost for the HOA.

Each lake is a retention pond created by the installation of a polythene membrane to retain water. If a fishing hook were to snag the membrane and cause the slightest tear then the water level could not be maintained and installation of a new liner would be required creating a huge cost for the Hampton Lakes HOA and you as the homeowners.

Homeowners are therefore requested to politely remind anyone seen fishing of the HOA’s "No Fishing Rule" and the implications of their activity

Firstly, do not attempt to resolve any amplified noise or public nuisance problem by yourself. The correct way forward is to contact the local Polk County Sherriff’s department

If it’s serious DIAL 911 For additional assistance the Polk County Sheriff’s Office can be reached on (863) 298-6200 or Toll free on 1-800-226-0344

Report the problem and ask for an incident report number and a copy of the incident report from the Sheriff's Department (the reporting home owner will always get one if requested). Then you should pass this onto to our Resident Adviser at Leland Management.

HOA Governing Documents


Certificate of 2007 Amendment to the 2006 Amended & Rested Bylaws

2006 Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants

What is Florida Statutes Chaper 720 (former FS 617.301-312) - Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes deals with Corporations Not For Profit. these are the sections that address Homeoners Associations.

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